Running a Classroom and Establishing Routines

Based on the most wide-ranging and comprehensive education research available, the key messages regarding running a classroom are:

  • Set your routines and stick to them 
  • Have the highest of expectations and don’t let them drop

According to Tom Bennett, when reflecting upon a lesson taught, look at what was wanted to be taught, and whether the routines in place allowed that to happen. There will be a gap in most cases, and normally the gap is driven by a lack of routines or expectations that are not high enough. One of the most striking statements that Bennett makes, is that ‘you promote what you permit’.

The following links are useful to read, along with watching the videos below, to gain useful tips and strategies for managing behaviour and establishing positive routines. 

The following video clips provide short supportive strategies and tips to ensure you are running your classroom effectively. 

The following literature is highly recommended:

  • Classroom Behaviour 4th edition – Bill Rogers
  • Slow teaching – ‘Refining relationships’ and ‘Serene and stoical behaviour management – Jamie Thom
  • The Confident Teacher  – chapter 9 – ‘Managing student behaviour’– Alex Quigley